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At Alberts Café, Victoria Park, Stafford, we believe in the power of communication to make your visit, event, or enquiry as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

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Alberts Cafe

Victoria Park



ST16 2QF

Opening Hours.

Monday to Friday - 9am to 4pm


Our Home.

Victoria Park.

In the heart of Stafford, Victoria Park is not just the setting for Alberts; it's our inspiration and our community's green oasis.

Spanning 4.95 acres of meticulously maintained gardens, the park is a testament to the area's rich heritage and natural beauty. With the River Sow passing through, Victoria Park offers a picturesque backdrop for relaxation and leisure.

Home to the historic Alderman Mottram shelter and the County War Memorial, the park's landscape is dotted with reminders of its storied past, while its vibrant present is alive with visitors enjoying its play areas, scenic walking paths, and the companionship of local wildlife.

As the largest formal park in the borough, Victoria Park stands as a proud emblem of Stafford's commitment to preserving natural beauty and encouraging community spirit. 

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