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Our Story.

Open 7 days a week, 9am to 4pm

Welcome to Alberts, the heart of Victoria Park, Stafford.

About Us.

Alberts, a modern café and event space where the community gathers, stories unfold, and the simple pleasure of a good cup of coffee is transformed into an art form.

Found within Stafford's award-winning Victoria Park, just a stone's throw from Stafford Train Station and the town centre, Alberts stands as a beacon of warmth and welcome.

Alberts Coffee Journey_300x.png
Alberts Coffee Journey_300x.png

Alberts isn't just a cafe, it's a community space.

The Journey.

Alberts began with a vision to create a space that wasn't just about serving food and drinks but about nurturing community spirit, celebrating local produce, and creating a haven within the hustle and bustle of daily life.


In partnership with Stafford Council, we were trusted to bring this vision to life, transforming a piece of the park’s heritage into a vibrant café that honours its surroundings.

Our name pays homage to the park’s rich history and its original designation as the Victoria Park Pleasure Grounds, embodying the joy and relaxation that we offer our guests.


Since opening our doors, we've become more than just a café; we're a place where friendships are formed, and local culture is celebrated.

Our Home.

Victoria Park.

In the heart of Stafford, Victoria Park is not just the setting for Alberts; it's our inspiration and our community's green oasis.

Spanning 4.95 acres of meticulously maintained gardens, the park is a testament to the area's rich heritage and natural beauty. With the River Sow passing through, Victoria Park offers a picturesque backdrop for relaxation and leisure.

Home to the historic Alderman Mottram shelter and the County War Memorial, the park's landscape is dotted with reminders of its storied past, while its vibrant present is alive with visitors enjoying its play areas, scenic walking paths, and the companionship of local wildlife.

As the largest formal park in the borough, Victoria Park stands as a proud emblem of Stafford's commitment to preserving natural beauty and encouraging community spirit. 

We're not just about what's on the plate, or in the cup.

Community At The Core.

We're about the people and the experiences.


We're proud to support local suppliers, host community events, and provide a versatile space for celebrations of all kinds.


Our partnership with Friends of Victoria Park underscores our commitment to not only preserve but enhance the beauty and vitality of our local environment and community.

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