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Rules of the rink

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The rules of the rink apply to all guests who join us during a skating season. The rules of the rink are in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all guests. By purchasing a ticket, you agree to abide by them during your time with us.



  • Obey the stewards

  • Listen for announcements

  • Be considerate of other skaters

  • Ensure skates are fastened securely

  • Wear appropriate clothing

  • Skate in an anti-clockwise direction


Do not:

  • Climb over or sit on the barriers

  • Skate at an excessive speed

  • Endanger the safety of others

  • Eat or drink on the ice

  • Drop litter on the ice

  • Smoke or use e-cigarettes

  • Skate in a chain of more than two skaters

  • Wear clothing that restricts vision

  • Carry anyone on the ice

  • Carry bags or wear headphones on the ice (lockers are available in which to store belongings)

  • Chip, throw or spray ice

  • Use mobile phones on the ice

  • No spins or jumps during public sessions

The management reserve the right to refuse entry or ask any person to leave the premises owing to unreasonable behaviour. The management does not accept responsibility for injuries or accidents, however caused, or accept responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of any personal property.