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Dear Neighbours, Friends & Family,


We are delighted & excited to be announced as the new operators of Victoria Park, Stafford. It has seen a large investment and a lottery grant totalling £2.5million and the results are staggering. The team behind the management of this project have done a fabulous job of securing the funding and providing this wonderful restoration for us all to enjoy for many years to come whilst maintaining the integrity of the park.


Who are we? We are a local team who have travelled the world working on entertainment & events. Spending our careers working all over the world has been in equal amounts exciting and inspiring. We have delivered award winning experiences everywhere and in all conditions – we’ve been incredibly lucky and can boast ‘The Best Experience in London 2019’ for one of our immersive theatrical dining experiences - The Murdér Express.


When Covid locked us down, it meant no more travel. Ed couldn’t work with NFL on their draft in the states & Craig didn’t have to get the 6:22 to London anymore to oversee the guest experience on the Tutankhamun exhibition.


We were both grounded at home in Stafford and Stone. After a few weeks of enjoying some quiet we did the only thing we could think of. Produce an event. With about 2 weeks lead time we launched The Great British Drive In at Sandon Hall. It's been the highlight of our careers to be able to provide entertainment during the pandemic, to the people of Staffordshire, over 50,000 of you.


If you've not been to Sandon Hall, the quality of the experience is at the forefront of our minds always, from the moment you enter the grounds to the moment you leave, with the largest and highest quality screen in the UK, food by the exceptional Digbeth Dining Club and Comedy by some of the best talent in the UK... We have very high standards. 


We will bring those standards to Victoria Park and the Cafe. We will work with you all to create something everybody is proud to call their own.


Our aim for Alberts is to create a place for all of us. Whether it's a quick coffee before the train, a late lunch after a stroll around town, an ice cream at the play area, a business meeting, a cup of tea after a game of bowls or a juice following some kick flips at the skate park - Alberts will be there for you - maybe the odd film screening too! 


Surrounded by a rich and diverse landscape, with such a strong farming community, we want to offer as much locally sourced produce as we can and events that entertain, provoke thought & inspire.


So here we are, at your service, to paraphrase one of our own; let US entertain you.


We want to support local people from all walks of life, local food & drink suppliers, local community groups, local organisations. We want everyone to be a part of and be proud of Victoria Park, a great gift for the town we all share and a tranquil space that we all find the time to enjoy.


So some day,

When you make the time

Come and say hello,

Over a Coffee

Or a Wine


We wish you all the best and hope to see you soon,



Craig, Ed & Our Team

P.S Watch this space! 

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