Alberts is a place for all of us. We want everyone to feel included and have a place to meet friends, new and old. 

A place to share our stories and learn new ones. 

Our aim is to make Alberts a place everyone is proud to be part of. 

We're working closely with Stafford Council to make sure Alberts can become a central hub for the town. 

Unity and diversity partnership as heart


Local communities have been in a slow decline for years and it was feared the pandemic would be an accelerant but in our experience it's brought everyone closer together. 

With The Great British Drive In and now Alberts we feel very lucky to have been trusted by everyone and we will always try and help small and independent businesses anyway we can. 

We're always up for a coffee and a chat. ​

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We believe in the power of stories and we want to use all our channels to share everything great going on in the area.

We will be starting this soon, but in the meantimes please do write to us with any good news or great stories. 



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