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We are proud to announce our partnership with AllPress Espresso who supply us with their house blend roasted using their unique Air Roasting Technology (A.R.T) to create the best possible flavour. 

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Smiths Milk

A local, family run small holding in neighbouring Yarlet Smiths milk churn have been providing us with our delicious milk. 

With a blend of Jersey and Friesian cows we are guaranteed a creamy balanced milk which perfectly accompanies our beans.

It's also great for all the 'instagramable' latte art.  



What makes a great coffee? 


Roasting technique




We've tried to make sure each element is of upmost quality, sustainable and as tasty as possible.

Espresso Blend

The AllPress house blend combines the following beans:

Brazil Melado

Colombia Pescador

Guatemala Sierra Encantada

Sumatra Garuda

A perfectly balanced, medium roast coffee. Sweet and complex with a long smooth finish.  Brazil brings body, good sweetness and a long, smooth aftertaste. Colombia and Guatemala provide juicy apple acidity, caramel and milk chocolate tones.

The wet-hulled Sumatra brings great body, some spice and earthy notes, dark fruit notes and sweetness.



What would all that great produce be without the artist to put it together. Everyone in the team is trained by AllPress in the fine art of pouring a great coffee. 

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